3d Floorplans

3d floorplans help convey a professional image and highlight the accommodation on offer to potential purchasers.

Purchasers find floorplans extremely useful for the following reasons:

  1. The prospective viewer can tell at a glance if the house is suitable for their needs and not waste their – or your – time looking at something that would never have worked for them. Layout is important to meet people’s needs and tastes – could a room be a playroom, a study, a guest room, a hobby room?
  2. The floorplan is a quick visual reminder for the buyer after viewing. Especially if they have seen several properties in quick succession, it is easy to blur memories as to which house had what feature. The plan helps the buyer understand the home when making their decision – even helping with potential alteration thoughts such as making it open plan or installing an en-suite bathroom.
  3. Size matters – by seeing a floorplan, rooms that are not at their best to visually see can be seen in a new light. Your junk room that seemed really pokey and unused may easily be written off on a viewing but becomes an ideal crafting room on a floorplan.

See sample floorplan below: