Improving Your BER

While we will provide you with an Advisory Report on completion of your BER assessment there are a number of general improvements you could look at in advance.

You may wish to carry out some of these improvements prior to your assessment to improve your BER.

Lighting – Probably the simplest and most cost effective way of improving your BER is to install low energy light bulbs into all your fixed lighting points.

Open fires – If you have an open chimney insert a flue liner which reduces your flue duct to less than 200mm this will reduce drafts and will improve your BER.  If you use an open fire as your secondary heating system one option is to replace it with an efficient wood pellet fired stove. This will improve your efficiency from 30% (if no back boiler) upto 65%. It will improve your BER and will save you money.

Roof insulation –  To obtain the best BER your roof insulation should be 300mm or greater, this is a simple way of improving your BER.

Windows –  Double or even triple glazed windows should be considered. Argon filled low emission window panes with a minimum gap of 16mm between the panes will improve your BER.

Space & water heating –  This is very important and can have a significant effect on your BER.  Insulate pipes between the boiler and water cylinder.  Fit an 80mm cylinder jacket to your water cylinder if you don’t have one.  Install a cylinder thermostat.  Install effective controls for your heating, these should include time, temperature and zone controlling where possible.  If your boiler is old consider installing a new condensing boiler these can be upto 97% efficient.  Consider installing solar panels to heat your domestic hot water.

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